Cheetah cubs

Cheetah cubs

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Original watercolour painting of three cheetah cubs.  Framed (with glass.)

"Watercolour painting, from my own experiences following cheetah in the wild.  Watching these three cub provided hours of entertainment...and resulted in this artwork!" ...Anne Corless

Framed (with glass) size: approx 71.7 cm x 55.8 cm
Painting (paper) size: approx 55 cm x 40 cm
As this artwork is framed with glass, it cannot be shipped internationally.

Certificate of Authenticity:
A signed certificate of authenticity is shipped with the artwork.

The copyright of the artwork is owned by the artist, Anne Corless.

Original Art Register:
This artwork is registered with the Original Art Register at the Fine Art Trade Guild, UK.

Prints available soon.